The Friends of the
Great Circle Alliance

The Friends of the Great Circle Alliance (GCA) is a group of individuals, organizations, and businesses joining with GCA as allies, reanimating indigenous history, art and culture.

Building Alliances

The Great Circle Alliance is an independent nonprofit organization. We operate an informal alliance with Native Americans connected to the sites, the OSU Newark Earthworks Center, the Ohio History Connection, The Works!, and Explore Licking County.

Nurturing Connections

Our purpose is to bring together Native and non-Native people – artists, scholars, archeologists, and local communities – to generate more in-depth appreciation and engagement with the Hopewell earthworks, connecting ancestral voices with contemporary people.

Providing Support

The Friends of the Great Circle Alliance will:

  • Further the educational and interpretive activities at the Newark Earthworks
  • Provide volunteer support for site programs, projects, and special events
  • Support the GCA Artist in Residence program
  • Provide input in long-range program planning

Offering Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer activities throughout the year might include:

  • helping with tours
  • assisting in fundraising events
  • organizing GCA presentations with your group or organization
  • updating learning resources.

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