The following programs and activities are offered:

Self-guided tours

Informative and dynamic story trails for children and adults to learn more about the sites:

See “The Mystery at the Indian Mounds” at the Great Circle Earthworks, based on a story by Professor John D. Low, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, Director, Newark Earthworks Center of The Ohio State University

Presentations and Tours

Please contact us to explore a range of opportunities for your family, group or organization to learn more about the Hopewell and the Earthworks.

Artist Residency

The Great Circle Alliance hosts indigenous artists, offering an environment to encourage the absorption of ancient Hopewell culture. The envisioned outcome for the Artist Residency program is a specifically Native American body of work or collection, inspired by and responding to the sites, initiating a shift in perception and amplifying the Native American voice, bringing greater awareness and appreciation of these magnificent ceremonial monuments.


The wisdom embedded in the Mound Builder sites challenges contemporary culture to expand its understanding about ourselves and our world.  The Great Circle Alliance collaborates with museums and galleries, focusing on a range of related topics and relevant objects to amplify the Mound Builder culture.


A range of opportunities for personally engaging in the Earthworks.

Exploring the World Tree:  Indigenous wisdom from around the world teaches there are at least three worlds, each existing as part of the larger Tree of the World

Creative Connections with the Mounds: Just as our resident Artists creatively express their connection with the Mounds, we invite you to create Collage Cards to reflect on your experience with the Earthworks (whether live or virtually). This is a fun workshop designed for everyone.

Discovering the Hopewell Night Sky:  This live workshop explores the night sky as it was 2000 years ago, when the Mound Builders created their ceremonial landscape architecture relating to the Sky World. 

What the Animals Can Teach Us:  Indigenous traditions around the world have stories about when the animals and the humans could talk with each other. We’ll use artifacts to explore this timeless relationship.

Help us to preserve the history, art and ancient monumental indigenous sites of Ohio