Welcome to “Recovering Ohio’s Indigenous Voices” a public program offered to artists from Ohio’s Removed Tribes.
Please read the information below and make a submission according to the guidelines.

Program Summary

The program invites participation from artists connected through ancestry to Ohio’s Removed Tribes, including Shawnee, Potawatomi, Wyandot, Delaware, Miami, Seneca-Cayuga, Ojibway, Peoria, Ottawa, and other tribes, nations and bands from the Ohio River Valley.

How to make a submission and submission deadline?

Supply the five requests listed below, following all the guidelines and submitting the information prior to midnight ET on July 1, 2024

Where to submit?

Send applications to

How does it work?

A panel of four art professionals, both Native and non-Native, will assess applications and select three artists for the project.

Applications will include

  1. Your resume or Curriculum Vitae.  (Please note formal art school training is not required.)
  2. Artists Statement including a brief summary about how your work expresses indigenous values and your tribal traditions.
  3. Applicants who are enrolled  in a federally recognized tribe should include a copy of your tribal registration.  Non-enrolled applicants can include a letter from a tribal government official to verify tribal affiliation.
  4. Portfolio: 5-10 images or examples of past work.  Artwork can be in any medium (painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media, literary art, performance art, video). Submit high-quality .jpg files for still images & .mp3. mp4, or .mov files for videos.
  5. For each item please include:
    • your name
    • title of work
    • materials
    • dimensions
    • date created. 

If files are too large to send as email attachments, please send them at no charge through to and send an email to the same address telling us when they were sent.

What happens if you are selected?

  1. Artists will be invited to travel to Ohio on October 10 for six days (five nights) and return home on October 15, 2024.  The Great Circle Alliance will make flight reservations if the artist does not live within easy driving distance of Columbus, Ohio. Accommodation and a per diem ($ amount) for meals are provided.
  2. During the stay artists will tour the Hopewell Ceremonial Earthworks, recently designated as World Heritage sites.
  3. The artists will be asked to present an Artist Talk on October 14, 2024 (Indigenous Peoples Day) showing examples of their artwork, using slides or a display of small artworks, and discuss their content as expressions of indigenous values and tribal traditions. The artists may choose to publicly reflect on their experience of returning to the Ohio River Valley, the ancestral homeland of their tribe or nation, and also viewing the Earthworks built by the “ancestors of their ancestors” (Chief Glenna Wallace, Eastern Shawnee)
  4. Each artist will received a stipend of $1,000 in addition to travel, accommodations, and per diem for participating in the program.  The stipend covers any artwork shipping expenses for the public program as well as a fee for presenting the talk on October 14.
  5. After returning to their home studio on October 15, and if the artists agree to participate in an exhibition in Ohio in 2025, each artist will receive another stipend of $1,000, to begin producing at least three artworks for the exhibition, reflecting on their experience in Ohio during their visit. Additional funding will be available in 2025 to further support the artists’ work, to ship artwork, and to return to Ohio for the exhibition opening and at least one public event.

Any questions or to discuss the program please reach out to us at the Great Circle Alliance ( or and we will be happy to answer your queries by email or arrange a call to talk with you.

Help us to preserve the history, art and ancient monumental indigenous sites of Ohio